RSYN Journal of Science and Technology

aims and scope:

The RSYN Journal of Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing high-quality research across all fields of science, engineering, and technology.

As an international journal, our goal is to disseminate innovative discoveries and emerging knowledge globally through free online distribution of articles. We welcome manuscript submissions reporting significant theoretical or empirical findings, with criteria for publication based on academic rigor and advancement of scientific progress.

Papers undergo a double-blind review process by expert referees in the relevant research area. Our dedicated editorial team strives to provide constructive feedback and efficient decisions to support authors in presenting their work.

In addition to original research, the journal accepts review articles, tutorials, case studies, and pedagogical papers covering science and engineering education. Our readership spans students, academics, and professionals across diverse scientific disciplines.

By making the latest advances accessible worldwide without financial or technical barriers, we aim to accelerate the application of new discoveries that benefit society. Authors retain copyright under a Creative Commons license that promotes knowledge sharing.

Indexing in major academic databases maximizes the visibility of publications. The journal is committed to upholding international standards in peer review, research integrity, accessibility, and open science.

We welcome innovative submissions and suggestions from the global scientific community. Together, we can push boundaries to advance human knowledge through technology and transform lives everywhere.

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