Physical Constants

As the name implies, a physical constant is a quantity that is considered to be both universal in nature and to have a constant value over time. It stands in contrast to a mathematical constant, which also has a fixed numerical value but is not determined by any sort of tangible experiment.

Atomic Mass Constant
Avogadro Constant Na L
Bohr Magneton
Bohr Radius
Boltzmann Constant K
Electron Rest Mass
Elementary Charge E
Faraday Constant
Fine Structure Constant α
Gas Constant
Gravitational Constant
Hartree Energy
Neutron Rest Mass
Nuclear Magneton
Permeability Of Vacuum μ0
Permittivity Of Vacuum
Planck Constant H
Proton Magnetic Moment
Proton Rest Mass
Radiation Constants
Rydberg Constant
Speed Of Light In A Vacuum C0 C
Stefan Boltzmann Constant


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